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The diabetes improves long before the Principles of Weight Loss Surgery

Understanding Weight Loss

All humans have the capacity to become obese. When this becomes extreme it is called morbid obesity, which poses the same threat to life as for example smoking.

A useful indicator of obesity is the BMI, which is calculated by dividing the weight in kilos by the height in metres squared. For example, a patient weighing 200 kg who is 2 m tall is shown as 200/2x2=200/4=50. A BMI of 30-39.9 is considered obese and a BMI of 40 and above is considered extreme obesity.

A BMI of above 35 is usually considered for weight loss surgery. There are exceptions, especially in diabetics.In selected diabetic cases we have done gastric bands in BMIs between 30-35 with good results.

Excess fat is toxic to the health of the patient. The calculated reduction in lifespan for morbid obesity is between 8-12 years. Every major system is affected.


Breast, uterine, bowel, kidney, thyroid and oesophageal cancers are just a few examples. It is believed that a toxic environment is causing cells to grow in a disorderly manner.The risk of cancer in morbid obesity is  similar to the risk of cancer in a smoker.

Central Nervous system

Raised intracranial pressure. This resolves after weight loss.


Obesity adversely affects the human skeleton causing knee, hip, joint and back pain.Knee replacement following weight loss surgery reduces the risk of infection post op, and provides sufficient relief from pain. It also helps avoid or delay surgery.


This is significantly increased following weight loss surgery. Polycystic ovary is improved.We are impressed with the increase in fertility following weight loss surgery.


Both type1 and type 2 diabetes are greatly improved or cured.Many Type 2 diabetics are cured within 6 months.Modern Research has shown the cells producing insulin can regrow once the toxic fat tissue is reduced to a normal level.

Diabetes improves quickly following surgery

Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

Weight loss surgery is beneficial and often results i patients coming off medication

Other Diseases

It cures reflux and heartburn, as well as sleep apnoea and snoring. Psoriasis is often cured. Same with lower limb cellulitis.

How does obesity come about?

Our bodies are a biological entity inherited from our parents. Genetics play an important role and our upbringing also trains us in our eating habits. Our energy to stay alive comes from food. Some is used immediately and some is stored. At any moment, there are numerous energy consuming processes going on e.g. active brain, heartbeat, respiration, liver, lungs, intestine, kidney functions as well as physical activity, just to mention a few.


Ruling the food process is the hunger drive which controls intake. The consumed food is allocated by further complex mechanisms to be used now, soon or stored for later. As the stored energy is fat, daily consumption of fatty foods in excess increases the fat store. The body tends to hang on to this supply in case it may be needed later when food is not available.. The excess stored fat is toxic to many biological processes.

The food we eat is generally divided into 3 main types of components: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In terms of immediate energy use,Carbohydrates are the first in line, whileFat is last.

Most obese people only use their carb energy every day as they continue to store more and more fat. The only time some fat may be used when the patient is not in control of consumption, is when he or she is sleeping. In the morning we are “breathy” which is the acetone derived from burning fat as we sleep. Most patients soon after waking begin the day by turning off the “fat switch” by having their “Weetbix”. This has been drummed into them “you must have a good breakfast”. This is a carry on from the days when people were involved in hard physical activity. So the rest of the day is dominated by following a bad pattern shared by most of the developed world.

Weight loss surgery causes changes that result in reducing the overall calorie intake so that the body can then burn the stored fat as energy.

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