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Diet and exercise  Good for preparation for surgery.

Appetite Suppresants  eg Duromine.These are indicated for overweight(BMI  30-35) rather than Morbidly Obese Patients (BMI  35 -onwards).They are also a good indicator on which patients will succeed with a band  as against a sleeve.

Patients who respond to Duromine always do well with a band.There are many drugs for Obesity but many have dangerous side effect.s

Vagal Nerve Stimulators: This method has been extensively trialled and overall is a failure.

Gastric Balloons I used these 15 years ago.They are also a failure.I would never do one again.They are cruel and ultimately fail.It's the last thing you would do to a sick patient.They all need to be removed.When you look at the stinking discoloured balloon you can see that is is a foreign body with chronic infection.

Often reserved for sicker patients to prepare for surgery.After over about 150 balloons and having myself followed my patients I definitely would not recommend this.

Endo Barrier This is shaped like a windsock with both ends open.The idea is to stop stomach content from contacting the lining of the intestine beyond the stomach.This inhibits complex chemical reactions which stop diabetes.

Huge sums of money went into this but again it sort of partially worked but had numerous problems with bleeding bowel obstruction.I do not recommend this procedure.

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