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New Patients

All patients wishing to proceed with weight loss surgery need a referral from their local doctor or another Specialist. This is required for a Medicare Rebate. Rarely patients attend without a referral and are not concerned about the rebate. It is best practice to be referred by a Medical Practitioner. The referral can be sent after the consultation in those rare circumstances.

The range of patients eligible to have this surgery varies.

In terms of age 75 years would be considered as an upper limit. Lower limit is usually15 years.

BMI (body mass index) should be above 35. There are exceptions decided at time of consultation. Diabetics are eligible at lower BMIs.

Patient should be medically fit to undergo surgery.

All smokers are advised to stop at least 4 weeks pre-op.

Appointments are mainly made by telephoning the surgery +61 2 4344 2424 or booking online. It is most important that once an appointment has been made the patient attends on that date.

It has been our experience that missed appointments are more common with weight loss surgery when compared with other types of surgeries.

There are more appointments available if patients ring and speak to the secretary.Some patients cancel at short notice before we can put that date online.

If patients default and not attend there will be a penalty as other new patients are denied that appointment and that time is also wasted.

Patients may wish to talk to  a "band" or a "sleeve " patient.We have many very happy patients who are willing to help.

Please complete New Patient Form located under ‘Patient Forms’ and bring with you to your consultation.

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