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Gastric Sleeve

This is an excellent option. The way in which this causes weight loss is twofold:

  • It reduces the volume of the stomach. This is the restrictive element of the procedure.
  • The operation removes an area in the stomach which produces a powerful hormone ghrelin which drives hunger.

The stomach which is a sac-like structure is converted into a long tube of similar diameter as the intestine. The tube is formed by separating the stomach from the numerous blood vessels and calibrated using a sizing device. Advanced stapling devices are used. We always perform suturing in addition to staples and protect the entire sleeve so the adhesions are unlikely to cause problems later. There are few complications, but if they occur they can be serious or even fatal. We have performed many hundreds of gastric sleeve procedures without leakage or complication.

Generally, weight loss is more rapid than a Band procedure, but not always. The time you spend in the hospital will be 2 days. Pain after either operation is minimal. We perform advanced surgery to avoid excessive shoulder pain from the gas introduced during laparoscopic surgery. Time off work is usually 7-10 days including the 2 days in hospital.

All anaesthetists are experienced in the management of bariatric anaesthesia. All Procedures are performed by myself and a highly skilled bariatric assistant who also works in the practice. Support is always available. All patients are given detailed instructions at the prep level to prepare them for surgery and at the post op level prior to discharge.


All patients are followed up by the same team that performed the surgery. We are already familiar with potential problems. With gastric band, the same team does the fills as required. We have accumulated vast experience in the total management of our patients. Our results have been excellent.

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