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Gastric Bypass

We have moved away from this procedure as the complication rate is much higher and is not justified by the results. The risk is far greater than either of the above procedures. There are several variants that may be required. We do not do bypass as our first choice. If a bypass is necessary following a procedure for weight loss, in this practice, it will not cost the patient any extra money and will be covered by the health fund.

Revision Procedures

Failed Gastric Band: If a band fails and requires removal, we recommend a gastric sleeve. The band removal is a day case and the sleeve is done 3 months later. There are no out-of-pocket charges to the patient if the band was placed by our practice. The sleeve is also no gap.

Gastric Sleeve: There have been no complications in any of the gastric sleeve procedures requiring surgery.

Additional Surgeries

If a significant hiatus hernia is found, it will be repaired. No additional gap is charged. Usually we prefer not to engage in second procedures. If necessary we will do what is required.

We have a zero infection rate. Lung clots or pulmonary embolism have not been recorded. We have a strict policy of using calf compressors both intra and postoperatively. Heparin (a blood thinning agent) is routinely used.

Patients recover very well from either surgeries. The staff in hospital are well versed in post-op care.

All procedures are done at the Brisbane Water Private. Well over a thousand procedures have been done there.

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