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Gastric Band


This is a minimal impact procedure where nothing is removed.

I have developed my technique to avoid post operative shoulder pain  band slippage and vomiting.I use a low pressure band which is much more gentle than the bands of say 10 years ago.

The way it works is that it takes away the hunger drive. This is achieved by accurate band placement, capturing the Vagal Nerve fibres. The correct pressure from the band is critical.

A correctly adjusted band does not interfere with eating a normal meal. In our practice, we do the first adjustment during the initial surgery. This is done by injecting fluid into the reservoir which is connected to the band. The reservoir is placed under the skin about a hand’s breadth above the belly button.

When we place the band we make sure we are not creating a pouch or restriction. Many of our patients lose weight as quickly as the Gastric Sleeve. Procedures are done as day cases and many patients are back at work in a few days. Results are excellent. The Gastric Band procedure is the safest bariatric procedure.

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