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Weight loss surgery costs:

Gastric Band

The out of pocket cost for laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery is $3500

The procedure is performed as a day surgery procedure. The majority of patients are able to resume work the week following surgery. Surgery is mostly performed on a Tuesday.

Gastric Sleeve

Out-of-pocket expense for sleeve gastrectomy is $4500

Patients are in hospital 48 hours. The Dietitian visits all patients giving them the post program. Time off work is usually one week following surgery. The surgery is mostly performed on a Tuesday.


Funds can be raised in most cases to cover costs. You can contact your fund.


We have forms available and our secretaries can provide useful advice.


The cost varies among anaesthetists out of pocket raging between $400-$800.

Further Costs

Should there be any additional surgery required eg Repair Hiatus Hernia ,this would be covered completely by the health fund.

Follow up

All patients having weight loss surgery in my practice are personally followed. Everybody is followed up at the six week mark. With either the gastric band or the gastric sleeve visits are every three months for the first year and for the second year every six months.

All patients have access to a specialist bariatric professional who can be contacted without charge for any issues relating to the surgery or advice relating to Weight Loss, etc.


We have been performing Weight loss surgery for the past 10 years without mortality.

In cases of Gastric band failure any additional treatments are no gap and funded through the patient’s health fund.

Gastric Sleeve

We have had no complications from this procedure. We have never had a leak.Should the situation arise we would attend. Any costs would be completely covered by the health fund.

We recommend that patients remain in an appropriate health fund following weight loss surgery.

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